Gratitude Journal for kids and teens to foster positive mindsets
Kids and Teen Guided Gratitude Journal covers in Turquoise and Navy

Journals to create what they need inside, no matter what happens outside.

Kids and teens who journal have higher self esteem, more positive mindsets and are more resilient

What's Inside the GROW Gratitude Journals?

Simple daily formats (un-dated so pages can be used anytime)

Easy prompts so they’ll be guided in what to do

Gratitude and mindfulness practices

Prompts that wire the brain for optimism, resilience, and positive thinking

A set of stickers to personalise their Journal covers

Kids Gratitude Journals as featured in the Guardian

Featured in Christmas Good Gift Guide 2022- A Superpower training kit

Created by one mother with a design background and another with a psychology degree, The Grow Journal helps children to develop the superpowers of gratitude, resilience, optimisim and wellbeing while encouraging them to be reflective with their emotions.

Grow Gratitude Journals for Kids and Teens

Why did we call them 'GROW' Journals?

GROW is an acronym for gratitude, resilience, optimism and wellbeing - four powerful pillars that underpin the Journals, and the foundations that kids and teens create when they use their Journal.



Hi, we’re Jess and Caroline, long-time friends with backgrounds in Psychology and Design, Mums to 5 kids between us, and co-creators of the GROW Journals. 

Our mission is to make lives better from the inside out, because we know how much power there is in wiring our brains for optimism, self belief, and resilience. We wanted to find a way to help our kids and teens create these powerful mindsets. 

We also know how full life can be, so we wanted to make it easy. We took evidence based practices, and created simple, beautifully designed Journals that fit easily into life, and any child or teen can use to experience powerful, positive change.