Big Skills For Little People

GROW your child's Gratitude, Resilience, Optimism and Wellbeing in just a few minutes a day.

What is the GROW Journal?

Gratitude, Resilience, Optimism and Wellbeing (GROW) are the superpowers that underpin happy and fulfilling lives. The GROW Journal is a fun and simple way to help kids aged 5-12 build these powerful skills in just a few minutes a day. 

Your budding superheroes will focus on what they’re grateful for, and what’s wonderful about them and their lives, regardless of the ups and downs of the day. They will strengthen their connection with you, and the other important people in their lives.

For you, it's a powerful, evidence-based tool to support your kids. For them, it's a few minutes of relaxation and fun that leaves them feeling really good.

The GROW Journal also makes a beautiful keepsake, capturing their thoughts and ideas at that moment in time. Buy now.

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What's Inside the Journal?

1. Questions for creating fun conversation and connection

2. Feel good inspiration from wise minds

3. Mindfulness moments for centering attention and creating calm

4. A gratitude practice for its proven benefits to health, happiness and wellbeing

5. Exploration of feelings to build emotional literacy 

6. Positive affirmations for creating and sustaining optimism and self esteem

7. Activities for discovering new things - about themselves, or someone else, or the world

8. Self awareness prompts for creating and sustaining positive thought patterns about themselves