What is GROW?

The Journal fosters four powerful skills, the 'GROW Superpowers', to support positive mental health in all kids who use it.

G - Gratitude
A natural antidote to comparison, gratitude strengthens our self esteem and resilience. Practicing gratitude brings our focus to the present moment, and to what is great about now and what we have. 
R - Resilience
Resilience is all about how well we handle the ups and downs of life, and how much we are able to thrive in spite of the set backs and adversity that life brings us all from time to time. What’s exciting is that resilience can be built!
O - Optimism
When we are optimistic, we believe in ourselves and expect good things to happen. Optimism allows us to think about the world, other people, and ourselves with positivity and hope. 
W - Wellbeing
Wellbeing isn’t just about being being physically healthy, it relates to so many positive things like feeling happy, healthy, connected and purposeful. Wellbeing emerges from our thoughts, actions and experiences, and the good news is we can control most of these.

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