We were thrilled to be recommended in this recent Kidspot article: 'This is my advice to parents who can't get their kids off social media' by psychologist Dominique Birouste.

Journaling, and specifically our Teen Grow Journal, is recommended as a support tool:

"Not all journals are created equally...

These aren't your typical diaries and instead serve as companions in fostering positive self-talk, building a resilient mindset, and nurturing confidence. 

The focus is on developing self-awareness and gratitude and recognising the power of individuality- something many teens shy away from."

Here are 5 reasons Grow Journals are unique.

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1. The type of questions, and the prompts throughout the Journal.

Each time teens use their Journals, they engage in gratitude and self-awareness.

The self-awareness prompts are special for two reasons.

Firstly, they are designed so they can't help but engage in positive thinking about themselves, something many teens aren’t used to.

Secondly, there are 8 of them which run sequentially throughout the journal (they answer one each time they fill out their Journal).

This repetition is really helpful for strengthening these new positive thought patterns, and solidifying them so they become more natural and automatic over time.

2. When teens fill out their journal, they are experiencing in-the-moment boosts from engaging in these practices, whilst also creating and strengthening these types of thought patterns for long-term benefits.

3. It provides them with new perspectives so they can’t help but question their negative limiting beliefs.

4. The topics covered.

The daily guided journaling features the gratitude practice, and self-awareness prompts, as well as other questions, thoughts and ideas for creating a positive mindset. 

Teen gratitude journal to grow your teen's resilience, optimism and wellbeing
Teen using their Teen Edition Gratitude Grow Journal

5. The ‘toolkit’ which provides targeted support, and suggestions for how to approach challenges in these areas:

* Comparison
* Love your body
* Self acceptance
* Friendship
* Rejection
* Procrastination
* Stress
* Fear
* Self worth
* Self compassion
* Mindset
* Judgement
* Failure

It provides different perspectives, and prompts on what to do if you're experiening challenges in these areas.

Journaling will always be a healthy and supportive activity, and we have taken it even further, by leveraging positive psychology practices inside our Journals.

We created them to nurture teens during this stage of life, and help them create positive change.

So our feature in this article means a lot to us.

If you have teens in your life we hope you'll check out our Teen Grow Journal.