Where It All Started...

The Grow Journal began with the creation of our Kids Journal back in 2020.

Caroline and I were a unique pairing - friends first, who happened to have backgrounds that leant themselves perfectly to the creation of our first Journal.

I’d spent years exploring positive psychology practices for myself, and Caroline had spent years working in kids design and publishing.

Fast forward to our meeting when both our eldest kids were at preschool together, and we were both looking for ways to support their emotional wellbeing and resilience. 

Fast forward again and we found our personal circumstances aligned, and decided to create 'The Grow Journal' business together to support the resilience, mindset and wellbeing of kids.

Then came the Journals...

What we came up with - a Journal that incorporated positive psychology practices in simple guided journaling pages, that were fun and fit into busy schedules - was so well received not only within our own families, but the wider community once we launched it.

And then we began receiving requests for a Teen Journal. With our eldest kids fast approaching the teen years, we decided we were ready to create the Teen Edition which was also really well received by both teens and their parents.

Given that the formula of the Journals was working so well for kids and teens, it was a natural progression to create an Adult edition.

And we knew it was in demand because we'd been receiving requests for this Journal too!

Is the Adult Grow Journal a gratitude journal?

Yes! But it's also much more.

Grow Journals are gratitude journals in that they feature a gratitude practice.

Each page prompts you to think about and write down what you’re grateful for. You can learn more about the amazing benefits of gratitude journaling here.

Grow Journals also feature daily prompts, mindful exercises, affirmations, quotes, and personal growth sections to nurture positive thought patterns.

When you use Grow Journals, you’re benefiting from multiple positive psychology practices, all of which support mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. 

Who can use a Grow Journal?

Absolutely everyone. Our aim in creating these Journals was to create accessible mental and emotional wellbeing tools, incorporating positive psychology practices seamlessly into people's lives. 

And we are thrilled that our journals encourage the habit of prioritising mental health and wellbeing. 

We want people to begin thinking about their mental and emotional health in the same way as their physical health - there are things you can do to maintain and improve it.

Much like we eat well, move our bodies, and prioritise sleep to keep our bodies thriving, we can undertake positive habits like journaling, and those inside Grow Journals, to support our mental and emotional health and wellbeing. 

Do I need to know how to Journal?

No! Grow Journals couldn’t be simpler to use.

They are fully guided, so you will always be prompted on what to write.

There are also lots of examples in the beginning of the Journal to give you plenty of support when you’re starting out. 

What does a daily practice with a Grow Journal like?

The ideal time to use your Grow Journal is right before you go to sleep.

You can leave it on your bedside table and fill out your Journal page before sleeping for a simple routine.

Or you can create a ritual around journaling, making it an activity to look forward to. Whether it's making a cup of tea, lighting a candle, or cozying up with a blanket, take your time with your entries.

Either way, let it be one habit that you do everyday. Honour yourself with this simple habit that takes only minutes but is a profoundly powerful form of self-care. 

There will be times you’ve had a long day, or aren't feeling well, or have an early start coming up - journal anyway.

You'll end your day by shifting your focus to the positive. And no matter how your day was, you’ll sleep a bit better than you would have otherwise.