Mia Freedman talks about the Grow Journal

"What I love about meeting female founders is that so many women start businesses for so many reasons other than money, for reasons of friendship- not that money is a bad thing or that they don’t make money. But the original impetus to start a business was about creativity or self expression, or friendship and Little Bear Prints is an example of that and so is the Grow Journal. Caroline and Jess are the two mums behind this lady start up, let me open it- it’s such a great gift. They met during preschool drop offs and they took the knowledge from their respective degrees- in Psychology and Design so they combined their talents and they started the Grow Journal in 2019. What it is, is a gift for a kid. They created this journal that helps kids to develop resilience and create a positive mindset. You know, the key to raising a resilient child is raising a child that's optimistic, and that sees obstacles in life as things that can be overcome, not things that knock you back and crush you, so it's such a gorgeous journal. It's really interactive. I've given these to my nephews for their birthday. And on the front it says, ‘Grow your child's Gratitude, Resilience, Optimism, and Wellbeing in just a few minutes a day. You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf’. Bloody love that. It's so brilliant."



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