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When we began ‘The Grow Journal’, we had big dreams for creating a resource that would positively impact the wellbeing of kids, and give us the flexibility to live the lives we desired.

Alongside the dream was a healthy dose of self-questioning. Would we be happy with what we created? Would people ‘get’ it? Would it have the impact we believed it would?  

From where we are now, I can happily report that the answer to those questions is yes. And the incredibly fulfilling journey from there to here has been an accumulation of amazing events, occurrences, and realisations.

One of those experiences, and a huge highlight of our business journey so far, was being featured, not once, but twice, in the's Christmas Gift Guide! And both times were true 'pinch me' moments. 

Why did we create the Grow Journals?

Because mindset matters! And it can be changed. The world is complex and ever changing. Our kids experience big feelings, friendship fires, setbacks, and make mistakes.

Supporting them to develop positive mindsets and self belief means they can navigate their days with more ease and fun.

And on a practical level, the evidence based activities in the Journal improve physical health, sleep, mood, attention span, and immunity. 

The Grow Journal Kids Edition (6-12 year olds)

 We wanted to create something that would bring these benefits to all kids. It had to be simple enough to suit a wide age bracket, and fit easily into everyday life, because as parents to 5 kids between us we know how full life can be!

So we took the evidence based practices, and combined them with engaging, child centric design, to make a guided Journal that serves as a tool for kids to learn these powerful life skills and mindsets in a fun way.

a child using the grow journal, a gratitude journal for kids and teens


The Grow Journal Teen Edition (12 years+)

Then due to popular demand, we went on to create a Teen Edition, using the same principles. We also incorporated a special ‘Teen toolkit’ at the back of the Journal offering support in 14 areas teens often find challenging (including stress, friendships, procrastination, body image, judgement, and rejection).

It also has a fun interactive design feature of perforated side sections on each page. With uplifting quotes, mantras, or tips for teen life, they make great bookmarks, pin ups, or notes for friends.


How Did We Come to Be on The Christmas Gift Guide? 

We came to be on the list through nomination by the clever, witty, and hilarious Shannon Wong-Nizic, Primary School Teacher, Author of “The Little Artists’ Big Book of Activities”, and Founder of Oh Creative Day, who we connected with during the early days of the business.

The boundless support we’ve received from people like Shannon, across so many areas of the business, and the new people we’ve connected with, has been another surprising and unexpectedly joyful part of our business journey. I would say it’s second only to the incredible feeling we get every single time we read the words of someone sharing their experience with the Journal. 

Why Did it Mean So Much to Us?

Alongside our vision to support kids in creating positive mindsets was the desires for it to be fun for kids, and for it to be of impeccable quality (essential for a high use kids product!). The Guardian’s endorsement felt like a big tick for the entire vision.

It’s hard to put into word how amazing it felt, not to mention how many more kids and teens we were able to reach with our Journals.

I know I speak for Caroline too when I say that not only was our inclusion on the Guardian’s Christmas Gift Guide the stuff of Christmas wishes for us, our whole journey has been filled with magic reminiscent of how I felt as a kid at Christmas. And we’re excited to see what the future has in store for us as we continue the journey! 

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