Why Did We Create the Teen Grow Journal?

It all began with our love for creating the Kids Journal, and witnessing the impact it had on children.

It's been such a positive experience that it inspired us to extend our reach to teenagers.

As parents on the brink of our own children's teenage years, we were already wading into the adolescant waters.

But we delved further in to understand the complexities of the teenage brain and sought ways to provide meaningful support.

Teen using their Teen Edition Gratitude Grow Journal

The creation of the Teen Grow Journal is also reflective of our evolution as a business.

After creating the Kids Grow Journal, we realised our true purpose was to help as many people as possible experience more happiness and well-being through the use of positive psychology practices.

Our Journals are a way that anyone can incorporate them into daily life and experience the amazing benefits.

The Teen Grow Journal is built upon the same foundational principles as the Kids Journal, rooted in positive psychology practices that are relevant across all age groups.

Within its pages, teens discover daily guided journaling exercises designed to cultivate gratitude, mindfulness, positive self-talk, confidence, and inspiration.

What sets the Teen Journal apart are the unique insights and advice tailored specifically to the challenges of teenage life.

We've included a 'teen toolkit' addressing common struggles adolescents face, providing them with the tools and guidance they need to navigate these challenges with confidence and resilience.

Our vision for the Teen Journal is simple yet powerful: to provide a safe space to explore their feelings amidst the often turbulent years of adolescence.

In a world dominated by social media, comparison, and self-doubt, we want teens to find solace in acknowledging their worth and fostering positive self-beliefs.

But our Journal does more than offer comfort in the moment; it lays the groundwork for lasting resilience and optimism.

It creates new supportive neural pathways, and a mindset of resilience and optimism. And exposes them to a healthy habit they can always come back to when needed.

In creating the Teen Journal, we've come up with something we wish we had during our own teenage years.

And we take great pride in contributing to the well-being of today's teens and are excited about the positive impact our Journal can make in their lives.