The Story Behind The Teen Grow Journal


Why did We Create The Teen Edition of The Grow Journal?

I can’t pinpoint exactly when we decided to create a Teen Journal. And on reflection it doesn’t come down to just one reason, there are many! 

Firstly, we truly loved creating the Kids Journal.

And we get so much joy from hearing about the positive impact it’s having in kids lives.

So the idea of creating another Journal that would positively impact teens was very exciting to us. 

We had also been asked multiple times whether we had a Journal for older kids, so we knew it was in demand!

And with both our eldest kids about to become teenagers, Caroline and I were already being immersed in the world of all things teen.

I had begun reading and learning more about what goes on within the teen brain, and how to keep connecting with and supporting them during these years. 

We felt we had more knowledge on what would be relevant, engaging, and impactful for teens. 

The last reason is that as our business has evolved, it’s become clear that our true mission is to bring more happiness and wellbeing into the lives of as many people as possible.

Creating a Teen Journal alongside our Kids Journal helps us reach more people.

What's Inside the Teen Grow Journal?

The guiding principles for the creation of the Kids Grow Journal were the same. The positive psychology practices are relevant for every age group. 

So in the Teen Journals you’ll find daily guided journaling with the same core activities:

⭐️ Gratitude practice
⭐️ Mindfulness practice
⭐️ Self awareness prompts for positive self-talk
⭐️ Positive affirmations
⭐️ Inspirational quotes and mantras

Teenage Journaling Gratitude

The new and different features are the tips for teen life that are found throughout the Journal, and what we’ve called a ‘teen toolkit’. 

This toolkit is found at the back of the Journal. In it we took 14 situations that teens anecdotally find challenging, and created some prompts and ideas to help them create new ways of thinking about and handling these experiences. 

The design has also changed to be more engaging for teens, and includes the interactive element of perforated side sections.

These sections include all the uplifting quotes and mantras, and some helpful tips, so they’re perfect to use as bookmarks, pin ups or notes to friends or family. 

Teen Gratitude Journal pages

What Does The Journal Give Teens?

I had a vision that this Journal would be like a warm hug during what can be challenging years. 

Alongside the social media, busyness, comparison, stress, and often overly harsh self criticism, I wanted the Journal to give teens a few minutes of opening up to how amazing they are no matter what’s going on in their lives, and of experiencing positive thoughts about themselves. 

The Journal does this, and more. 

It creates new neural pathways and a mindset that will be more resilient and optimistic. 

Positive psychology tells us how beneficial an optimistic mindset is for mental, emotional and physical health and wellbeing.

We all want our teens to feel good about themselves, to feel empowered to be themselves and make their own decisions, and to know that life doesn’t always go the way they want but that’s ok.

We want them to have the mindset that supports the resilience to bounce back. 

Our Journal gives teens the in-the-moment feel good experience (which is also brilliant for calming busy minds at bedtime!), whilst creating powerful positive mindset changes that carry forward through life. 

We’re so proud of what we’ve created for teens. It is the Journal I wish I had when I was a teenager, and we’re very excited it’s out there helping the teens of today. 


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